About Us: Approach

Two Sides of the House.

Investment + Development.

More Than Just a Developer

Streetscape takes a creative approach to structuring its investments by working collaboratively with lenders, investors, joint-venture partners, developers and property owners. We actively seek to acquire mortgages, notes, debt, raw land and projects in all stages of development. Our focus on the Washington, DC metropolitan region allows us to identify, finance and quickly act on opportunities others might miss.

We use a combination of approaches to capitalize real estate assets that include:

  • Joint venture partnerships
  • Debt vehicles
  • Tax efficient structures

More Than Just an Investment

Equally important to its investment strategy is the depth of Streetscape's experience on the development and construction side of the house. We have the proven capability to expeditiously secure all project approvals by working closely with project engineers and land planners to develop infrastructure and property improvements. We offer the talent and experience to plan and execute projects that are eminently desirable, marketable, produced on-time and within budget.

We understand the local landscape. With generational ties to the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Streetscape knows the market for residential properties. We have developed strong networks in the financial, development and regulatory sectors, and understand the local complexities and hurdles that have to be met. Unlike out-of-state national players in the residential sector, we have a vested interest in seeing our community develop and thrive.
After all, we live here.